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You don't get to choose to be a jock or a nerd or a freak. Even the class photo in my yearbook showed me in it as I was due to play shortly after the photoshoot.

It is given to you by the invisible sorting hat like in Harry Potter. Here's my profile or so I was told by a friend: I flunked my first year and had to repeat it again. While I am aware of the effect of the paikia thing has on the ladies, what I will never figure out is why? I played a lot of tennis then and so what you would see is a sloppy-joe that waltzed in and out of class every Monday to Wednesday with tan lines on the ankles and left wrist (my watch) like a human zebra. It's guys who think twice and cant decide that truly makes the girls suffer.

The thing about Singapore school culture is very much dependent on that invisible cookie cutter where conformity is the key to climbing the school's social ladder.

Everybody has got a certain profile bestowed onto him/her by the school's social community.

This isn't just your standard phone sex line, it's one that's angled specifically at the fantasy of two bored female roommates who want to talk dirty to you. "What makes people all over America break down and cry like this? Probably you look at your phone bill after calling this.

Like if the characters on Girls ran a phone sex line. Like the He-Man hotline, this was very clearly targeted at small children.

They are anywhere from their mid forties to late sixties.

1-900 numbers weren't just for sex lines and psychics (thought they were probably mostly used for that).

This is something you can not afford to get caught up in, getting scammed online can not only break your heart, but can financially ruin any person who becomes a victim.

Typical behaviour of online dating scammers include downloading a photo of a beautiful woman and posing to be this person in order to suck you in.

Where the problem lies is that you simply cannot be certain if this person is in fact a beautiful young woman, or a con artist who downloads multiple photos of beautiful women and sets up fake dating profiles in a brazen attempt to steal your livelihood and soul.

Back before you could listen to him complain about having sex on a full stomach in his sex tape, you could pay to listen to him tell you cool Hulk things.

According to a factoid flagged "citation needed" on Wikipedia, the Hulkster's line was the most profitable 900 number from 1991-1993 on AT&T. Jessica Hahn was involved in a sex scandal with televangelist Reverend Jim Bakker that was one of the biggest tabloid stories in 1987.

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They were a way of transmitting information for money in a pre-Internet world for things like jokes, music, games, and fan club information.

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