Dating my boss

If you are the one who is left feeling sore then being told what to do by the person that hurt you is never going to be easy.If things do work out and you stay together then people are going to find out – even if you are really discreet – and it could jeopardise your career in different ways.Will keep it brief as possible, thanks for reading, please leave advice, the common answer will probably be the right one.Me(29), her(26), me p/t DJ at a bar, her, the manager of the venue.Handle your competition at your own level, like you would have done otherwise.

We chat and decide if they want to stay mates its only fair to let him come and see the gig (he lives like 2 hrs drive away).

Don’t accept incentives that are not in accordance with your performance.

You’ll become a villain for your co-workers within no time if you do.

basically its a mess and even as a mate I adviced her to get out.

Then one day she comes over to chill and one thing leads to another. in that month we've stayed with each other like 20 times, she tells the guy its over about a week in (yes, not great, I know... She's gutted, but says its for the best and we have a really good 2/3 weeks.

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However, it’s the first and foremost advice that you should try to keep it a secret, at least, as long as you can.

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